StealthTransit Solution
A system mountable on telescopes
in order to make invisible the transit of satellites

The constellations of satellites affect astronomical observations - they leave traces in the images of the starry sky
Every fifth astronomical observation is under threat of damage by transit of satellite constellations such as the Iridium satellite constellation, SpaceX's Starlink, OneWeb, Globalstar, Amazon's Project Kuiper and Facebook Athena.
The satellite constellation affects result in a $200K' loss a year at average at each modern telescope. However, not only time and money could be lost. The most significant will be the loss of the ability to record rare and unique events in the life of the universe.
The implementation
of the StealthTransit solution can reduce losses by up to 2%.
The total cost of losses at all modern telescopes in the world is at least $ 60 million a year. An average cost of implementing StealthTransit technology on one telescope would be of about $50K a year.
The cost of implementing StealthTransit technology on all the modern telescopes in the world would be of $ 15 million a year. This is less than 1% of the Starlink project's annual budget.
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Vlad Pashkovsky
CEO & founder of StealthTransit Team

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